What makes vintage & antiques so popular & what do we love about it

I was recently asked the following question by a journalist:

Why do you think Vintage and Retro are such enduring trends and what seems to be the appeal to your customers, and what you like about it yourself ?

Here is my answer :

I think the current trend for vintage & antiques comes from a desire to have beautiful well made objects around us. Many of the mass produced items these days do not have the quality or attention to detail of the vintage & antique items. I think it also comes from a desire for a simpler life, when food was home cooked or even home grown and things were repaired rather than thrown away.  I think our customers have a strong desire for their homes to reflect their personalities and to be individual, rather than the rather bland minimalist look that has been in vogue in recent years.

Our customers are also looking for value for money & vintage items often cost a fraction of the cost of a similar item new. . Antique furniture is surprisingly robust & currently offers excellent value for money. It will stand up to the rigours of family life far better than most modern furniture, which is often regarded as disposable.  If you go for  a shabby chic look the knocks and bumps of daily living merely add to its charm, and allows a more relaxed style of life.

I have been passionate about vintage & antiques for the last 30 years.  I think it stems from my childhood growing up in an old Victorian house and spending many happy hours in my grandmothers 1940’s house while she baked & knitted. 

About vintagefarmhouseuk

We have a passion for antiques, vintage english farmhouse, french country style & shabby chic
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