7 reasons to buy vintage brown furniture now

  • Its really cheap at the moment and values can only go up
  • A lot of the furniture from the 60’s and 70’s looks great in a contemporary home
  • You can easily upcycle it. Much of the older brown furniture from the 1930’s and 40’s looks great a painted as it has lots of detailing on it, and comes up really nicely if given the shabby chic finish.
  • Its so much cheaper than buying new.
  • When you tire of an item you can simply put it into an auction or put it on ebay, and you will very likely get back what you paid for it, and maybe a lot more.
  • Vintage furniture is so much better made than the modern flat pack furniture, and has already stood the test of time.
  • You can create an individual look for your home by mixing and matching furniture and accessories from different periods

About vintagefarmhouseuk

We have a passion for antiques, vintage english farmhouse, french country style & shabby chic
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